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The most special day of your life. Why would you want anything less than amazing.


Our Wedding Service covers all aspects of your day and the most intimate moments that you dont even realised have happened. Because you're normally caught up greeting and chatting to guests, we will mingle around taking natural shots and you probably wont even know we we're there.


Your big day will start with Rob visiting the bride around 2 hours before the service. He will then take whatever shots you wish with bridesmaids and the bride alone.


Rob will then be at the church/venue for the bride arriving and will have already got some shots of the congregation before the service begins. It will then be your decision whether or not Rob will be allowed to take shots during the service.


Now for the fun bit. After you have pledged your lives to one another, you can start to relax and have some intimate shots of the pair of you in the grounds of the venue or any other grounds that you might like to visit. There is also the friends and family which im sure you'll want to include as you'll be seeing a lot more of them after the day is done.


At your reception and evening do, Rob will take some natural shots as your friends chat amongst themselves. Maybe some friends couldn't make the service, we can take care of that. Maybe some more friends and family shots in the lounge/reception. We can also set up a lighting stand with backdrop so your guests can have a professional shot of their own as they arrive. Then of course there's your first dance. We'll get some great shots as you dance the night away.


Before you know it, your big day will be a wonderful memory and Rob will be able to make that memory become a permanant one. If there are any other ideas, Rob would gladly help in turning them to reality.


If you have your wedding booked already please check our calendar page to see if we are available for your date. If we are you can contact us through that page. 


Rob also provides a service as a second photographer. This gives Rob the freedom to roam around the venue taking natural shots of the happy couple and their guests. This is a cheaper service as you will have arranged the group photos with another photographer. This service is often used when Robs diary is filled but the client still wishes to have him at the wedding. 





This can be one of the most enjoyable experiences if you let your imagination run wild. Rob will bring out the natural nature of each individual being shot, making sure each session is totally unique and personal. Rob will take between 50 and 150 shots bringing the photography and art worlds together and making a piece you could only dream of. It is a most comfortable and pleasant experience that you are bound to enjoy.


After you have had your session, Rob will take you through each shot in turn and you can choose your final shots which you would like us to publish. You can then choose how you would like them to be portrayed, whether it be in an album or maybe a frame which you have picked out. Either way your piece of art will be something that you can treasure forever.


We have a special offer on at the moment. A free 45 minute photoshoot and you just pay for copyright to the photos. You receive a cd with all the photos on so you can print them off when you like. This offer costs just £100.00. Thats alot less than a single 18"x12" print would normally cost you at any other studio. Your photos will be converted to black and white if you wish and you'll get to preview your photos while you're there. 



First Steps


What more greater feeling than to witness your childs first steps. We can go one better. How about a memory that will live forever? We understand that your baby's first few weeks of life will be hectic. Just think all those family members that wont leave you alone. How will you ever be able to look back and see the beauty that a childs first steps can offer. We have the answer. We provide a service that will allow you to interact with your baby in the only way parents can, with love and care. We will capture these moments and turn them into memories that you can keep forever, and maybe embarrass them when they're older too. Maybe you're after a photographer for your baby's Christening. We can cover the whole celebration from the service to the after party. Whatever you decide this will be one of the most memorable days of your life. Why not capture the whole thing in all its beauty.  


Gallery Artwork


As well as a photographer, Rob is a well known yorkshire artist. During the quieter time of year Rob hangs his work in galleries all over yorkshire for the public to view. He also sells his work through this site. Please take time out to view his work on the gallery page. If you are interested in purchasing any of his work please visit the online ordering page. If there are any pieces which catch your eye but are required in a different colour please let us know and im sure we can help. 


After Event Service


Just because your event or sitting has finished, doesn't mean that our service stops there. We will sit down with you at a time convenient for you and take you through your photos one by one. We will show you the many different effects we can create to your photo. Whether its turning it black and white, opening that persons eyes that always spoils the shot or even replacing something in the photo that you'd rather not be there. We can turn the photo from one that you could live with to one that you cant live without.  


We have many different effects to add to your photos but it would be impossible to show them all on the website. If you are interested in this service, please dont hesitate in contacting me and I would be more than happy to show you a selection of my edited shots. 


If you have any questions about any of our services or products, please contact us via our contact page and we will endevour to answer your queries. We have a range of products including albums, Canvas Prints and personal webpages for your friends and guests.

A range of albums and other products can be seen on our 'albums and products' gallery page. 


If you have any questions about any of our services or products, please contact us via our contact page and we will endevour to answer your queries. We have a range of products including albums, Canvas Prints and personal webpages for your friends and guests.